Site & Security Notice

Please be security conscious! will do everything we can to protect you, your identity, ensure your security and safety while using our website & application(s) however, there will always continue to be ongoing threats of scams, phishing, identity theft and other nefarious activities to be aware of when communicating with others online and on our website.

Unfortunately that is the nature of opportunistic people and the internet.

If engaging other users on this website (or any other platform) such as a forum or social media post(s), private messages, emails etc, please make sure not to click on any links you’re unsure of from any communications you do not know or trust. 

Never share your personal details, account details, location details, payment information with anyone via private message, social media (messaging, posts or other media) and it is strongly recommended not to transact with anyone who claims they’re from Will NOT;

  • We will NOT contact you and ask for money/tokens directly (via message, email, socials or any other forms of communication).
  • We will NOT contact you and offer any tokens, pre-sales, NFT offers, special discounts or deals individually via private messages WITHOUT a verification code you can use to cross-reference with inside your profile account.

If we do promote an offer, there will be significant mention of any “special offers” posted on our website, application(s), emails, forums, socials and more importantly, we’ll advertise a public banner on our homepage, with a direct link to the offer on a separate page with further details.

i.e. We would make it VERY public (not private).  

Check communications for authenticity.

If you do receive a message that appears to come from us that looks suspicious, feel free to report it or try validate it’s authenticity from our websites home page, contact us page (members only) or in the forums (by admins or moderators if they’re active).

Domains. owns 1x Domain ONLY.  

  • (Main Domain)

From this single domain, we also use 4x subdomains.

  • (Subdomain)
  • (Subdomain)
  • (Subdomain)
  • (Subdomain)

All links we send in our communications will ONLY contain our main domain or our subdomain(s) without hyphens or any other characters (before the .vip extension).

So make sure to hover over links before clicking to show that the links are in fact, from our main domain/subdomains and not anything else.

If we use any other domains, they will also be added here BEFORE using them.


At the moment, does not have any social media accounts (Zero) and we’re contemplating leaving it that way.
This is to help reduce the likelihood of scams & phishing messages from socials and protect our users.

We’ll update & add a list here if we do create any social accounts.

This security notice was last updated on 08 August 2022.