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    Posted by admin on Fri 29, July, 2022. at 8:39 pm

    Welcome to the forums,

    A place where all great minds can bean together … share together and help each other bean great.

    DON’T (Seriously):

    • Do NOT SCAM or SPAM! Zero Tolerance, Instant Removal.
    • Don’t blatantly promote self or other projects, products or services via links, images, referral codes or video. Un-linked mentions are ok, i.e. #FeatureRequests: “XYZ has this feature, we should implement this feature too”.
    • No X-rated or Illegal content.
    • No direct hatred/abuse towards each other or specific/targeted minority groups.


    We want to encourage and promote a positive, purposeful, productive conversation around Baked Beans, BNB Staking and similar Defi projects with the intention to build sustainable projects (on top of existing projects or make our own forks) and build an awesome community (around these projects).

    • “Colorful language” directed at a situation, is fine, directed at each other, is not.
    • Be polite, respectful, supportive & helpful.
    • Mum always said, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything” (not my mum, someone else’s).
    • Dad always said, “If someone has a go at you, give it back to them with a closed fist”, (definitely my dad) but these days we’re all separated by cyber space, enabling keyboard warriors to have an over-elated amount of action-hero style self confidence… so let’s stick with what someone else’s mum said.

    Safety & Security (Admin) will NEVER ask you for passwords, seed phrases, tokens, money or personal information via direct message, email, sms, social media or other social media/messaging apps or platforms. We will not communicate with you WITHOUT A Security Validation Code to cross reference the message is, in fact, from (Admin).

    Security Validation Codes are dynamically generated and sent with each (Admin) communication. You can cross reference the unique validation code in the communication, with the validation code in your profile account. If the validation codes are different, the communication is not from us and should be reported. (This feature is still in development).

    This is also why it’s important, to NEVER SHARE your account or personal details with anyone and don’t click on any links that look suspicious. Metamask will ONLY be called within the app page(s) (App (V1.5)) and our “Dev Donation” button to connect & verify transactions, NOT from forums, notifications, emails, sms and other communications etc.

    Be Smart, Be Cautious, Be Safe, “Bake Beans, Not War” – admin xo

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